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What baby book?


So here’s the thing. I’m a horrible recording-the-milestones parent. Liliana brought a school paper home with questions like when she took her first step, when she spoke her first word (and what it was), when she could write her own name, etc. I wrote down none of this. I did, however, write down that at three months old she was sleeping nine hours at night and having two-hour naps during the day. Her little brother didn’t sleep through the night till he was at least two years old.

I’ve been writing this blog since three years before she was born, so I searched “Liliana first word” and came up with some of her first words, but not her first word. On her “first birthday” post, I’d written her first five words. Which means that she’d said her first word by at least 11 months. I do know that she was speaking in full sentences by 18 months, but dang it, I don’t know what the first one was. I guessed and told her it was “mama”. As for writing her name? Again, I have no idea. But she could spell Preston’s name (by herself, no help) when she was three. (She spelled it with an “i” rather than an “o”, but close enough.)

You know how they say that the baby of the family gets the least of this kind of stuff written down? I think we proved that incorrect. My friend Kami gave me calendars for a couple Christmases before and after Preston was born, and they hung on my bedroom wall each year. For each milestone Preston had, I wrote it on the current calendar, and at the end of the year put it in a box for him. So he has a pretty good record of things. Why I didn’t do that for his sisters, I have no idea. Actually, I think Kaylie has a lot of this written down as well …

My poor middle child.

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