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Why blog?

Today’s Reverb prompt: Why blog? Why do you or why do you like to blog (recognizing that these are not always the same thing)?

The answer to this question has changed somewhat over the years, but basically it has stayed the same. When I first started blogging seven and a half (!) years ago, I did it as a journal. The only person who read my blog was Noah and there were no pictures. Just words. There was no Twitter or Facebook, and Myspace had only just begun.

Two year later, I connected with my sister-in-law Teresa and my cousin Chelsey. Blogging became more of a staying-in-touch-type thing, although I still enjoyed the journaling aspect of it. I loved being able to see photos of my niece and within a few months Chels and I were pregnant with Maya and Liliana and it was great being able to share the joys and struggles of pregnancy with someone who was going through it at the same time.

It was through Teresa that I discovered blogs like Angella’s and Amanda’s and Secret Agent Josephine’s and OMSH’s. I kept clickity-clicking through links and discovered more and more people who did this blogging thing. As the years went by, some of these people who lived in my computer became real-life friends, some of whom I got to meet in the flesh. I really enjoyed this art of sharing bits of my life with friends and complete strangers and complete-strangers-turned-friends.

Now, I think that answers the “Why blog?” question, but why do I like to blog? There are several reasons. The first is that I like connecting with people. I like finding other people who are like me and write about things I’m interested in and/or can relate to — parenting, depression, social phobia, four-year-olds who never stop talking ever. I also like finding people who aren’t like me. I like reading about stuff that has nothing to do with kids. I like learning about different ways of life, different religions, different viewpoints, different parenting philosophies. I like learning through and from other people.

I like that blogging has introduced me to some of my best and most cherished friends. There are very few friends I had in Regina that I did not meet through blogging. I like that it gave me a variety of different friends, ones who think differently, believe differently, and see the world differently. I like that it has given me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise, like writing for Canadian Family (new post today!).

I like this blogging thing because I like to think it’s made me a better writer. A better photographer. At the very least it’s given me a place to write drivel and show you photos of adorable children. That’s something, right?

I’m taking part in a blogging group called Reverb Broads that will be suggesting daily blogging prompts this December. If you want to join in, feel free! Go here or here to learn more.

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  • Kassie Thursday, December 8, 2011, 8:14 pm

    Adorable kid photos are half the reason I read blogs anyway. I’m glad I’ve found yours.

  • Angella Friday, December 9, 2011, 8:36 am

    I loved reading this, for I feel much the same. I’m glad I know you, and it’s all thanks to blogging. :)

  • Andrea Friday, December 9, 2011, 9:00 am

    Yay! I’m glad you are blogging, because I can totally relate to “parenting, depression, social phobia and four-year olds who never stop talking ever.” My son is now seven, and he’s still going. Sigh. But at least now he’s in school to give me seven hours of quiet. (: