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working for the weekend


My family took off on Friday morning to spend the weekend in Manitoba. I had grand plans for the weekend, as “four days alone!” sounds like a lot of time, but I spent most of the weekend working (which is totally ok, I like 2/3 of my jobs a lot). Oh, and I spent a bit of it getting a hot stone massage. Oh. My. Word. I will never go back to regular massages again. Have you had one? If not, you need to.

There are always weird sounds when one is alone in a house, but last night it sounded like my fridge was playing a harp. Or there were little gnomes inside playing tiny harps. I didn’t do the movie thing where the stupid about-to-get-killed person goes to check out the sound. I know better than that. Also? I didn’t turn around slowly after checking out that noise. Because one for sure get killed that way.

I went to bed shortly after that, because blankets protect me from evil things. But they don’t protect me from that evil troll from Ernest Scared Stupid. When one turns over in bed, that troll is laying beside them and takes them off to his evil lair. I saw that movie twenty or so years ago and it still terrifies me.

Also? I’m scared of the dark. Because I’m insane. And I have to turn on a light before going in a dark room because otherwise that evil witch lady from Darkness Falls will kill me. Because the only way to prevent death is by being in the light. Or under blankets, obviously. Adding to my insane-ness, you know that scene in Psycho when the person gets killed in the shower? I rarely shower when I’m home alone in the house. The worst is washing my face because then I can’t see he’s coming. I’d like to get a see-through shower curtain but since we have only one bathroom and kids often have to use the bathroom in the three minutes the shower is being used, that would not be ideal.

56c1935f-d496-4c56-b98c-01944df8fd6e de26e14d-1617-4c82-8ec8-d80515a25d12(photos by Noah)

The weekend really wasn’t so bad. It was nice to have quietness for a while, and if my family was in town, I would barely have seen them anyway. I’m glad they got away to have some fun. The kids got to ride horses and visit with Noah’s grandma, and Kaylie got to hang out with her cousin at a party till 1:30am, followed by a sleepover. Preston was very excited and told me, “My wide a ho’se!” Liliana apparently got bucked off a horse but got right on another one right away. She’s the funniest kid; she’s scared of many things, but will hold a snake no problem, and will ride a horse after getting bucked off. Weirdo.

I have to work pretty much every weekend, but it means that I get most weekdays with the little people, and that’s pretty rad. And Noah gets lots of time with them on the weekends.

All in all it was a win-win. I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, but having four days alone is therapeutic. Also, I love it when the kids get to have experiences they never would at home. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them later today. And holiday Mondays are pretty much the best-ever invention.

Oh, and also? Andi’s season of The Bachelorette starts tonight!

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