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Yay for midterms!

So, it’s been a while. Well, at the beginning of November, I had a mod. Wow – those things are hard! Mine was so awesome though. I had Steve Lee – and wow again – I have never seen someone so excited about God and evangelizing. It’s so refreshing to have someone so enthusiastic about what he is teaching about. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have a couple passionate professors and they’re awesome but hearing about other mods made me very thankful for mine. I think I did really well on the final too which is super sweet cuz I have a thing with HATING to get low marks and I’m not used to it. He even took us to Boston Pizza for lunch before the final on the last day. I mean there were only 12 of us so it wasn’t that huge of a class but seriously, that was so cool!!!

I’ve found that God is very encouraging. I was feeling discouraged about being a youth leader but since I expressed that discouragement, He’s been encouraging me with the kids being more attentive and even one of them making me cookies. It’s amazing what a little baking will do! We have a progressive supper tonight so I’m totally looking forward to that. I’m getting kind of sick of cooking which makes me eat Hamburger Helper which is good but not for long periods of time.

I’m starting to learn that praying helps. I mean yea, I knew that already but seriously, spending a little time every day with God and his Word does wonders for how you feel. It makes a great start to the day and if you give all your fears and worries to God, it cuts down on stress which is great and definately makes life easier. So yea, word to the wise.

Anyway, that should make up for not writing for a while so have a great day and don’t eat too many Christmas cookies!!

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